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  • China’s Most Successful Design Awards Ceremony 2011: A Huge Success!..

    NOVEMBER 2011 • 2011

    Shanghai, 4th November 2011: Last Friday saw the celebrations of the winning designs at the ceremony of the annual China’s Most Successful Design Awards. The awards seek to honor the top international designers and enterprises for designs that are the most succes ...


    SEPTEMBER 2011 • 2011

    One of the major and the most anticipated design awards - China’s Most Successful Design Award is proud to announce that the awards ceremony of 2011 will be held on November 4th at the stylish Shaks pavilion close to the city center of Shanghai. In addition to ho ...

  • Last chance to be among China's best designs of 2011..

    AUGUST 2011 • 2011

     It’s already looking to be a spectacular year for design in China if the entries so far to the 2011 China’s Most Successful Design Awards in association with Forbes China are anything to go by. Design teams that have yet to join the impressive roll call of this year’s entrants ...

  • Gao Yue Chang talks about the Splendid Jade Furniture Series..

    AUGUST 2011 • 2011

    Today, Our awards team met with Gao Yue Chang From Aurora Co. Gao Yue Cang studied industrial design for his undergraduate degree. He was initially drawn to the design industry through his dual passion for drawing and engineering. Aurora Design Center is a professional design team that excl ...

  • Awards Team Meets David Ding

    AUGUST 2011 • 2011

    Yesterday, our awards team talked with designer, David Ding, from edg Creatives. David Ding was the project concept designer for the Sony Ericsson Alternate Universe, their new corporate office headquarters. The project was a top awarded design in last year awards competition.  David was responsible ...

  • Interview with Jonzn Chung: Designer of the Asus Eee 1018P..

    AUGUST 2011 • 2011

    We asked Jonzn Chung, the designer of the Asus Eee 1018P, a winning design from the 2010 China’s Most Successful Design Awards, about his design, and what he believes makes a design successful. Here is what he said! Can you talk a little bit about your design? Eee pc 1018P series ...

  • Calling all innovators of design

    APRIL 2011 • 2011

    Nominations open for China’s Most SuccessfulWe may only be a third of the way through the year, but it is possible that this short space of time has already seen the inception of some of the winners of the China’s Most Successful Design Awards 2011, the nominations for which open on April 1. ...

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