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  • Successful Design Awards won The Best Event in 2013 Shanghai D-Week..

    OCTOBER 2013 • 2013

    Shanghai D-Week, which took place from September 5th- 11th, was a complete success. It was themed with “Design Makes the Dream” and “Innovation, Open and Sustainability” as the key words, reflecting how design, industrial innovation, and new technology can sup ...

  • 2013 Successful Design Awards Was Great Success

    OCTOBER 2013 • 2013

    With the holding of the awards ceremony on September 3rd, 2013 the Successful Design Awards were held successfully. Congratulations to all of 2013 winners!The Award’s 2013 edition saw more entrants than ever before across a full range of design disciplines, garnering attention from China and beyond ...

  • Thank you all-From Cathy Huang (Initiator of the Successful Design Awards)..

    SEPTEMBER 2013 • 2013

    This year, we are celebrating 8th Anniversary of Successful Design Awards and 10th Anniversary of awards operator China Bridge. At this moment of Double Celebration, Cathy Huang, operator of Successful Design Awards expressed her thanks through the traditional Chinese way “Bai Tian Di”. ...

  • BreadTalk Gets China Talking

    SEPTEMBER 2013 • 2013

    Launched in 2000, BreadTalk is the eponymous bakery brand from a Singaporean group whose impressive portfolio includes Toast Box, Food Republic, Din Tai Fung, The Icing Room, RamenPlay, Thye Moh Chan and Carl’s Jr. in China. But it is BreadTalk itself that has proven one of the corporatio ...

  • Samson Wong Design Group Ltd

    SEPTEMBER 2013 • 2013

    Wong maintains that good design comes from wisdom and an understanding of life. Indeed, it is his genuine understanding of clients’ habits, preferences and backgrounds, as well as other elements they themselves may not be aware of, that have earned the designer success. For that reason, h ...

  • Successful Design Awards - China Celebrates Another Record-Breaking Year!..

    SEPTEMBER 2013 • 2013

    Building on eight years of continuous growth, today’s ceremony for the 2013 Successful Design Awards saw 300 luminaries of the international creative scene descend upon Shanghai’s Crea-Infinity to celebrate 120 winners redefining design in China and beyond.The annual event rewards best-practice in ...

  • Call for entries: 2013 Successful Design Awards - China..

    FEBRUARY 2013 • 2013

    What is successful design?Successful design is the crystallization of intelligence, inspiration and passion; it requires first-class management ability and should ultimately achieve business success. This award is the premier international competition honoring suc ...

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