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The stone material used in the lobby can also be found on the walls and floor of the lounge, linking up the two areas. The screen in bronze color becomes a simple yet elegant focus of the whole area. In the distance is the elegant butterfly chandelier that highlights the beauty of nature.

Successful Design Award

The Gardenia

KES Interior Design Limited

KES Interior Design Limited


The Gardenia is an urban oasis blended with the old neighborhood and lush hills in harmony.
Standing in the storied neighborhood, the 38-storery residential building features the stylish yet tasteful design of a boutique hotel and pleasant view of the hills through expansive windows. The new landmark stands out with its unrivalled uniqueness, tranquility and peacefulness hard to find in the city, contrasting nicely with the old community and offering residents an amazing new experience.
Tailored to singles and young families, the Gardenia maximizes the use of space and comes with a clubhouse offering a wide array of facilities, including a reading room, music room, gym room, swimming pool, jacuzzi, poolside bar, BBQ area and ballroom.
The design highlights a sense of simplicity and harmony with nature through the light grey and beige tones accented with a touch of bronze. The harmonious interaction with nature is also manifested through the details. In addition to the well-designed landscape, the huge cloud-like chandelier hovering over the lobby and the decorative flying butterflies in the ballroom further bring natural beauty indoors. The symphony of style, elegance, simplicity and nature injects a new vigor to the community, redefining a sophisticated lifestyle inspired by nature.