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China has unique, flourishing markets that are comprised of a diverse group of people with strikingly distinct lifestyles and preferences. In order to compete in the Chinese market, designs have to be more than just functional and aesthetically pleasing. Designs must go above and beyond to accomplish a strategic goal that is extraordinary, innovative, and beneficial to both the user and society. This is a successful design.

Successful Designs Awards seeks to honor the top international designers and enterprises for their designs that are most successful in the Chinese market. Designs are judged by looking at an all-encompassing view of the design from its conception to its commercial outcome.

Our Mission

As a platform, we are committed to openly celebrating the Successful Designs of today. To inspire and amplify the value generated by Design for tomorrow.


  • Shijue.me.

    Shijue.me. is the largest vertical design innovation website, proving news reports and inspirations to its users. Shijue.me offers crowdsourcing design service for its members, government, enterprise and organizations.

  • China Design Hub

  • Life Focus.cn

    Life Focus.cn is the biggest interior design website. Love life, love Focus.cn.

  • Time out SHANGHAI

    TimeOut is A Chine se Urbanism Bible Win-win cooperation between “TimeOut” Publishing Group and SEEC Media Group Ltd. The Chinese Edition of "TimeOut" applies world-grade format to provide the Chinese urbanized noble crowd well-chosen city information, including the richest, most authoritative, most objective and most quality-oriented city life. It has been highly appreciated in the field and in the mind of readers since for understanding the city and consumption quality. The 1st publication of “TimeOut” was initiated London, 1968. ★A Top Global Media Brand ★A Chief Global Magazine of City Life ★A City Life Bible Praised in the Field Since its foundation in 1968 with headquarters located in London, England, “TimeOut London”, the group's first publication, has enjoyed the lofty leveling banner status among city life magazines in England. Nowadays, “TimeOut” has been distributed to nearly 20 countries and 100 cities throughout the world.

  • Xinmin Evening News

    Embracing a history of 80 years, since 1929, it is among those earliest newspapers in China and now the World’s Top 50 Daily News and No. 1 newspaper in Shanghai, China. It is now owned by Wenhui-xinmin United Press Group. Its current editorial mission is the socialist-inspired "promote the policies from the government, spread the knowledge, change the culture, and satisfy the life"

  • Fortune

    Fortune is a global business magazine published by Time Inc. and founded by Henry Luce in 1930. The publishing business, consisting of Time, Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated, grew to become Time Warner. In turn, AOL grew as it acquired Time Warner in 2000 when Time Warner was the world's largest media conglomerate. Begun in 1995, Fortune Forum has drawn a lot of attention. Its Chinese version has been published since 1997, and is one of the most influential business magazines in China

  • Shanghai Business Review

    Shanghai Business Review (SBR) is the leading English-language business magazine and website for senior management of international companies doing business in China. For a free trial subscription to SBR, please go to www.sbr.net.cn

  • multidesign

    Multidesign is the largest social website for designers. As the most resourceful design website, Multidesign will lead you to the design world.

  • Design China

    Conceived by Zara Arshad, Design China aims to publish the latest design news from China. After working on the Organizing Committees for Xin: Icograda World Design Congress Beijing and Beijing Design Week in 2009 and 2011-12 respectively. Then reporting on designers, creative and social businesses in China for Notes on Design since early 2010, it has become increasingly apparent that so much is happening in the field of design here, yet there is no one place to access the information for it. Design China aims to fill that gap, ultimately documenting the rapid shift from (to use the cliché) “Made in China” to “Designed in China”.

  • Architectural Digest

    Architectural Digest is an American monthly magazine founded in 1920. Its principal subject is interior design, not architecture more generally, as the name of the magazine suggests. The magazine is published by Condé Nast Publications, which also publishes eight international editions of Architectural Digest. Architectural Digest is aimed at an affluent and style-conscious readership, and is subtitled "The International Design Authority". The magazine also oversees the AD100, a list of top 100 architects and interior designers around the world.

  • 缤纷space


    As a news-oriented business and management publication, CEOCIO China has become an indispensable voice in China's business management communities for its unique perspectives and profound insights. CEOCIO China is fully convinced that they will create greater value for executive readers with local businesses through its reputation of closely following up on on-going changes and forecasting future trends.

  • 世界家苑

    better quality, better life

  • CreatingBox

    Founded in 2013, Creating Box is a media platform that focuses on bringing creative innovation concepts and initiatives around the world to China. Currently working with academic and commercial partners in China, Netherlands, and the U.S., we have become the fastest media to break news on interactive installations, internet of things, hybridized art and wearables. We frequently conduct and report original interviews from influential artists and hybrid thought leaders on the intersection of art, technology, and people. We are also an open platform looking for like-minded pioneers to join and contribute great ideas and concept to inspire, incubate, innovate in the China creative platform.

  • AIA Shanghai

  • Creative Hunt

    CreativeHunt is an online portal dedicated to creative happenings, opportunities and news in China. Founded by the team behind Shanghai's leading lifestyle website, SmartShanghai, CH features the city's only focused service directory, portfolio gallery, editorials, city guides, events and job listings for creative types.

  • Arting365

    Arting365 is the leading portal in China`s creativity industry, covering areas including industry news, graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, and etc,. Focusing on innovation within the industry of digital, art and comics. Arting365 has a great impact at home and abroad.

  • Visionunion

    VisionUnion.com was founded in July 2004, serving designers and students of design. With rapid updated information, the content of VisionUnion covers the complete designing industry. We provide information, work appreciation, theory and documents, interviews and feature stories. Every channel is different and we require that every chief editor be responsible for the achievements of its channel.

  • 51Design

  • Grand Design

  • The Bund

  • Design Management

  • 第一家居

  • id-China

    www.id-china.com.cn is a professional website established in 2005. It focuses on China interior design and construction industry. The website embodies a large collection of latest design cases from home and abroad, as well as innovative products and latest information about design industry. Meanwhile, as a fully interactive website with professional database and search engine, it builds communication and service platform between designers and product materials.

  • Bill Wang

    Billwang was established in September 2000 as an Internet communication platform based on industrial design as the core of the creative design industry. The website now has 35 million designers as their members. Membership includes the mainland, Taiwan and foreign-related institutions, students, teachers, business executives and well-known practitioners of industrial design



  • Finlandesign

  • CBCA

  • Jiangnan University

  • Tongji University College of design and innovation

    Tongji University’s College of Design Innovation - is an internationally renowned school of design that educates its students with both local and global perspective. The College combines cutting-edge innovation philosophies together with Chinese socioeconomic development needs. The pursuit of academic excellence is further developed through CDI’s internationally recognized standards of "sustainable design innovation". Tongji University’s College of Design Innovation - fostering creativity, and leading new talent.

  • China Bridge International

    As China’s first design management consultation company, CBI offers a multitude of services including insight and analysis, innovation & design strategy and innovation management training. CBI cooperates with firms all over the world from small innovative companies to world famous international groups. CBI is a bridge for partners, enabling success through insight, innovation and design.

  • TechCrunch

  • TechNode

  • Creative New

  • Golden Pin Design Award

  • Asia Design Management

  • Shanghai Center

  • Ritz Carlton Hotel

  • EventDove

  • CBN

    As the largest regions and industries financial media group in China, China Business Network (CBN) is committed to providing up-to-date financial news for a vast majority of domestic investors and those overseas. Chinese active in economic communities, try to establish the largest media service group of financial and business information. CBN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), which is the second largest media group in China. CBN owns thirteen media platforms including CBN TV, CBN Radio, CBN Weekly, China Business News, CBN Forum and CBN Research. CBN is now making great efforts to explore digital media service (wireless service) and financial & commercial information service (real-time financial news and database business). CBN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), which is the second largest media group in China. CBN owns thirteen media platforms including CBN TV, CBN Radio, CBN Weekly, China Business News, CBN Forum and CBN Research. CBN is now making great efforts to explore digital media service (wireless service) and financial & commercial information service (real-time financial news and database business).

  • Shanghai Creative Industry Center

    Shanghai Creative Industry Center was established on November 6th, 2004 and began to function on April 28th, 2005. Established with the approval of the Economic Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government and the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Social Organizations, Shanghai Creative industry center is a specialized organization in promoting the development of Shanghai’s creative industries. The center’s mission is to coordinate resources, formulate targets and strategies, strengthen guidance, construct a platform, promote the assembly, and establish a system. Thus gradually forming a modern industry structure supported by individual creative industry enterprises and clusters on the platform of “Shanghai Centre of Creative Industry”. Then driving the overall development of Shanghai creative industry.

  • Shanghnal International Fashion Federation

    Shanghai International Fashion Federation was established in August, 2004. Under the supervision of Shanghai Multiple commission of commerce, it is an international associative organization founded by social groups, companies and other individuals in fashion industry. As an important platform to bridge the communication of fashion industry betSinaen Shanghai and other countries, SHIFF has launched a series of activities to bring international communication and cooperation. Located in the metropolis, Shanghai, SHIFF is dedicated to build an effective enterprise-government connection and cultivate local fashion brands. By organizing fashion activities, it will help to develop fashion industry within the inner and outer city. SHIFF has made and will continue to make achievements in cultivating the fashion industry, and enhancing the trading communication at home and abroad.


  • Xindanwei

    A new way of working. Xindanwei, a.k.a” New Work Unit”, is a co-working community which promotes and facilitates creativity, sharing, and the great scale of collaboration.


  • Shanghai Industrial Design Association

    Shanghai Industrial Design Association (SIDA), whose predecessor was the Shanghai Industrial Design Promotion Association was founded in March 1993. SIDA, together with enterprises or industrial design staffs involved in the product design industry have voluntarily composed a multi-industry, professional and non-profit social organization. The Shanghai Municipal Economic Committee is in charge of the organization.